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Testimonials from Workshop Participants

"If you are interested in learning Astro and night time timelapse photography from some of the nicest and most knowledgeable folks on the planet in this area, consider a workshop from Timelapse Workshops and Ron Risman. Ron and his accomplished instructors share the tools, techniques, strategies and experience necessary to get you to the next level in night timelapse photography.  


One major benefit of one of these classes is the planning for shooting each night.  These guys scout the area ahead of time and find the best places to shoot from.  It would be almost impossible to do that yourself.  They time these classes in specific areas on specific dates to maximize availability of gorgeous dark skies.   They are experts in all of the equipment and software that you will learn to use and work harder than most instructors I've met to give you a class that you will not forget or regret.


 In the field, they move around to work with all students as much as is required, and limit the class sizes to be sure they can give the attention that you need.  It will be one of the most difficult, physically exhausting and totally rewarding weeks you will love to experience.   We plan on attending another one next year if at all possible."

Mike Magee



If you are going to invest in your future as a timelapse photographer, I fully recommend Ron Risman's workshops. Ron has put together workshops that bring the entire package together for a timelapse photographer.  That is, location scouting, shot preperation, camera setup, field operations, workflow and post processing.  


These workshops are instruction by total immersion - 24/7, classroom sessions and then site preparation.  You will get site pre-briefs, where to set up camera operations for the best Milkyway shot, scene composition (my weakest point), exposures, time-motion with a dolly and how to frame and collect the best shots you can imagine. Add to that top-rated instructors from multi-disciplines. ...  With Ron's cinema photographer background and networking, he can bring in experts in specific areas of class interest. 


If you leave any of these workshops not fully brain exhaused and physically challenged (hiking to location, location, and location - makes for great images), you have not done your homework."

Larry Cunningham


Ron Risman has the rare talent of being able to combine the logistical requirements of creating a time-lapse, and the artistic eye for inspiring subjects.  Therefore, I found this seminar to be one of the most thorough, organized, and insightful of the many photographic seminars I’ve attended.  i highly recommend Ron for his skill, artistic vision, and knowledge on the myriad of software choices one has to make to create effective time-lapses. Go- you will work hard, learn lots, make new friends, and you won’t regret it!

hank perry

As a person relatively new to time-lapse photography (photography in general), I was very fortunate enough to have come across the TimeLapse Workshop website. In addition to the daily class-room time, to be able to pick the brain on a daily basis of Ron and his assistants was worth its weight in gold. The knowledge and just the great little difference making tips obtained from the workshop was beyond what I expected. The carefully scouted time-lapse sights were breathtaking and quite frankly, surreal. But more than anything, the ambience and camaraderie of Ron, his assistants and the workshop participants made you feel like you were at your favorite childhood summer camp. There is no doubt in my mind that I left the workshop a much better time-lapse photographer and not only look forward to applying what I have learned in future time-lapse projects, but also look forward to returning at some point for another workshop.


Christian Bermeo

The Moab 2017 Workshop was a great experience … meeting new people, seeing an incredibly vast and beautiful part of the country, and learning so much about timelapse photography from a terrific leader.


Nick Sullivan

The standout feature of the workshop was the energy Ron had in assisting and guiding us whilst in the field . Having attended a few workshops around the world, the one thing which always irked me was how the instructor always used to setup his own camera gear before looking to assist the others. Not so with this workshop. Overall, a great learning experience for me even though I consider myself well versed with the art of time lapsing, not to mention the great locations and camaraderie. Totally worth the effort of flying halfway around the world for this….. Look forward to when I can attend another one of these superb workshops. Highly recommended.


Vikas Chander

We can't thank you enough for providing a wonderful experience. The classes were great. There was a nice balance between classroom and field work.


Not long after our class ended I was in a meeting, and a large scale timelapse capture of a construction project came up. I was able to describe my concept, create a production plan and accurately bid a large scale multi camera timelapse capture and post production for over a 4+ month period with confidence. Thanks to your site survey instruction, I was able to research a location with new accuracy prior to our physical site survey. We got the contract and it should be a really cool gig, it will more than pay for a new timelapse rig and maybe our next workshop. Your classroom content was very helpful in landing thousands of dollars of work. Many Thanks!


Gordon Lash

"A dedicated team who cares for giving what they promised and also taking care of each individual in all aspects. Ron and Mike I really appreciate your work and knowledge you provided...."  

Raju Nelakonda

"What an incredible sleep-deprived, information fire-hosed week of total enjoyment. I am ready to do it all over again. Not only did I get really good at manipulating my camera controls in the dark, I learned more about understanding the night sky and time lapse composition than the class syllabus offered. Definitely got more than my money's worth and I envy the follow-on classes as there will be lots of knowledge nuggets freely provided from years of experience in preparation, planning, setup, shooting and post-processing."   

Chicky Leclair

"Timelapse Moab was a beautiful and instructive workshop. Ron is an effective and concerned leader who works hard to ensure that all participants are successful. I was a complete novice at timelapse and still finished the workshop with a beautiful video that I enjoyed as did my friends. It doesn't get much better than being out in the desert watching the Milky Way move across dark skies!"

Joyce Conrey

Ron Risman’s workshops are an excellent resource for spring boarding your skills in the art of night-sky time-lapse photography. During my week-long participation in the Time-Lapse Moab workshop, Ron covered all the bases. He had everyone capturing high quality time-lapse sequences of the night sky throughout the entire workshop starting on the very first night. All the field locations were truly spectacular. Ron’s team was extremely attentive and routinely worked to exhaustion throughout the week to ensure that everyone had a memorable and rewarding experience full of valuable instruction. 


The field work was supplemented with intensive, hands-on classroom instruction during the day for editing raw footage into true masterpieces. Ron introduced us to both the hardware and software tools needed to get the job done. His team is knowledgeable of the pros and cons of a wide range of time-lapse tools and techniques that helped me to quickly establish an efficient and effective workflow. By the end of the workshop, Ron will have you shooting like a pro to capture top quality time-lapse sequences and you’ll likely exit with enough footage to create your very own demo reel. I did, and I was thrilled with the results! Even better, Ron continues to be a great resource and has been helpful in answering questions beyond the workshop.


Thanks Ron!

Brendon Perkins

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