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Workshop Sponsors

Thanks to these brands I am able to bring multiple dollies and ramping controllers to the workshops for participants to use and try out.  No other workshop provides this type of hands-on experience, and it wouldn't be possible without the help and support of our valuable sponsors.

I take sponsorship very seriously, which is why I have only invited brands that I have used out in the field and that have earned my recommendation to be sponsors.    Please visit our sponsors to learn more about their products, and how they will help take your timelapses to the next level. Our sponsors do not finance the workshop in any way.   Our sponsors have agreed to loan or provide equipment for the workshop that will allow our workshop attendees the opportunity to learn hands-on while using theses products out in the field.

eMotimo is in the business of doing one thing - making motion control rigs that are more capable and more affordable than ever before.   Their newest product, the eMotimo Spectrum, is a precision motorized pan & tilt head designed for high-speed and accurate camera movement as well as timelapse capture.


One of the most interesting features that the Spectrum offers for timelapse photographers is the ability to record a flowing camera move in real-time using the playstation-style joystick and then have it play the movement back over a period of time by altering the intervals between shots.   This provides timelapse photographers the ability create fluid camera moves with ease.




LRTimelapse is the most widely used software programs among timelapse professionals.    When used in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Bridge, or After Effects - LRTimelapse allows you to smooth out changes in exposure, white balance, color, and more to create timelapse sequences that would not be possible before this software was developed.      LRTimelapse also features advanced, high-resolution deflickering giving you more flexibility in the field.




Timelapse Photography eBook

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