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June 6-11, 2016

June 6-11, 2016

During this workshop we'll spend more time out in the field capturing daytime and night sky timelapses and will reserve classroom sessions for days where the conditions are not as favorable for timelapse.  

This workshop takes place just after the new moon.  This will give us a couple of nights of totally dark skies followed by four nights of a sliver moon that will set in the west as the the Milky Way rises in the east.    The benefit to this moon phase is that the faint moonlight will help to illuminate the grand landscapes and canyons of Moab while still having really dark skies for capturing the milkyway and other celestial objects.

- Learn advanced timelapse techniques
- Learn Advanced motion control timelapse photography
- Learn advanced day to night exposure ramping techniques
- Open to all photographers & cinematographers with some timelapse experience
- Hands-on with post-production to create polished films ready for broadcast, film, or licensing.
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