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Lake Powell Trip Q&A

Waterproof Dry Bags

The boat will have a variety of 22-30 liter dry bags for us to use on the trip and more specifically while kayaking.   The bags are large enough to hold a DSLR, towel, change of clothes, etc.  


The boat will also have very large 130 liter dry bags for keeping the camping gear in them (sleeping bags, etc.)  If you wanted to remove the sleeping bag from it and put your camera bag in them you could. 


I found this Dufflesak waterproof duffle bag online and purchsed one for our last Lake Powell trip and it was an excellent addition.  It has excellent reviews and is fairly inexpensive.  Here's the manufacturer's website for all the details.

Recharging Batteries

We will have a generator that will be run as often as it can be, and will allow you to recharge camera batteries.  I would also recommend picking up a compact charger  (20,000mAh) to re-charge your smartphone during the trip or maybe picking up something with an 110v AC port like the Chargetech 27,000mAh for connecting your own wall charger for your camera.


Due to the nature of this trip I recommend one full size tripod and a smaller tripod (GorillaPod or Platypod Pro) for a second camera.  This will help reduce the amount of gear you'll need to store and carry while on the trip.  If you desperately need a

second larger tripod then by all means bring it with you.

Should I bring a laptop?

Yes, you'll want to have your laptop with you, especially during  our second classroom session on post-processing.   Our outfitter will allow us to lock our laptops up in their place of business before we head out on the lake, but if you prefer to bring it with you here are some recommendations on the type of laptop:

If you have a lightweight laptop that gets 8-10 hours per charge it may be worth bringing it for uploading your images at night.  Just keep in mind that it's another thing to worry about and another item that will need charging.   Since we'll be using a generator to recharge our electronics, our priority will be to keep our camera batteries and phones charged (1st), and our laptops (2nd). 


To help reduce the need for everyone to bring a laptop I will ask that everyone brings along an external USB hard drive (1TB minimum), formatted as ExFat or FAT32 for compatibility with both Mac or PC.   We can then use one computer to transfer your photos from your memory card to your external hard drive.  It will reduce the need for you to bring a laptop just for

off-loading images from your memory cards.


Traveling with a suitcase to get to Page, AZ is fine, but a duffel bag is recommended on board.  Our outfiiter will have dry duffel bags on hand, if you want to transfer your clothes from your suitcase to the duffel bag.   

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