Storm Chasing Timelapse
& Photography Workshop

Frequent storm intercept opportunities in northeast Colorado, eastern Wyoming, Montana, and Dakotas

Departs from: DENVER, COLORADO
JUNE 26 - JULY 3, 2021

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  • Transportation from Hotel Included

  • Post Processing Classroom Sessions

  • In-Field & Private one-on-one Instruction

  • Learn advanced post processing techniques

  • Daily weather briefings 

  • Chase with the most experienced team of
    storm chasers & meteorologists

  • 6-Nights lodging included *

Timelapse Photography Adventure Workshop

Experienced Storm Chasers

Join professional time lapse photographer and educator, Ron Risman, for this incredible 7-day storm chasing workshop, which includes 6-chase days.  Once again we have partnered with the industry's leading, and most experienced, storm chasing team to ensure you're in the right place at the right time. 

This storm chasing photography workshop has very limited space.  This helps to ensure that each photographer has a window seat in the van - along with room for luggage, camera backpack & tripods.  Registration for this workshop also includes 6-nights lodging (during the 6 chase days).

Photography & Timelapse

This workshop adventure combines storm chasing and classroom sessions to help you create better storm chasing photographs and time lapse films.    Rons work has been licensed & commissioned  by HBO, The Discovery Channel, Land Rover, NHK Japan, and many others - and the films on this page are a few examples of the work Ron has captured and produced over the past few years.

Daily Weather Briefings

Each morning we will have an educational weather briefing, where the tour director / meteorologist will analyze and forecast a target for the day and will present a forecast package to the group prior to each day's chase.  Throughout the week you'll learn a lot about predicting storms and what atmospheric conditions to look for before heading out to capture storms.

Lightning, Cyclones & More

Lots of storms - that's what this trip is all about!    And we have teamed up with the best storm chasing team to ensure that you come home with incredible footage of lightning, meso cyclones, and hopefully some tornadoes.

Safety First

The safety of the participants and staff is our number one concern.  We do not "drive into" dangerous weather and do everything possible to avoid these hazards.   What few people know is that the best way to view storm development and tornado's is from a safe distant.   Of course, there is risk with any outdoor activities and storm chasing brings it's own inherent risks with it (driving, lightning, and wind).


Our partner storm chasing team, Tempest Tours, has an impeccable safety record, and the companies president, Martin Lisius, is also our risk manager. He is known throughout the storm chasing community for being tough on safe and responsible conduct. Martin is the author of "The Ultimate Severe Weather Safety Guide," a book he wrote to mitigate the risks of potentially dangerous weather.


6 Nights Lodging Included*

This trip includes all lodging expenses during the storm chase days of June 27 - July 3rd.   The first night of the workshop (June 26th) is not covered, but a special rate for the first night of $109 will be offered when staying at Springhill Suites Denver Airport - the location for our first evening classroom session and departure location the following morning.

Workshop Begins: June 26th, 2021

This storm chasing adventure & workshop starts in Denver, Colorado on June 26th with an evening classroom session, followed by 6 full chase days (June 27-July 3, 2021) that combines instruction with storm chasing.   The workshop ends back in Denver, CO on July 3rd by 1:00 p.m.

June and July offers the longest chase days of the year with frequent storm intercepts in eastern Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and the Dakotas. These locations also offer the photographer a wide open view of the sky and picturesque landscapes.  

What Makes This Trip Different?

Storm chasing is exciting, and when you're chasing storms everything happens quickly.   The time we have to capture each storm is incredibly valuable and precious.   And foregrounds help to determine our composition for each storm.  This is where our photography & timelapse workshop adventure comes into play.

The goal of our this workshop adventure is to put us into the best position possible to have more time to capture the beauty of these developing super cells - with their incredible cloud formations, lightning, updrafts and downdrafts, and spawning tornado's - all helping you to create stunning images, video and time-lapses.      We'll also look at the compositional value of the landscape in order to know where to stop to capture each storm. 


On a traditional storm chasing trip the goal is to try to stay just ahead of the rain line, but this only gives you a couple of minutes to view the storm and take a few photographs. 
When you register for theTimelapse & Photography storm chasing workshop we work to get you more time shooting so that have the time to properly set up, find a great composition, and capture incredible images and timelapses of these massive super cells.

BEFORE the storm chasing begins we''l have our first classroom session, where you'll learn shooting and post processing techniques to help you make the most out of your time in the field.  You'll also learn Ron's post-processing workflow that will help you create spectacular footage and images from the trip. 

By the end of this first class you'll be ready to go when the storms are upon us.  

Personalized Classroom Instruction

Each day we will hold training sessions as we travel to our next storm intercept.   The van is equipped with mobile power for your laptops, as well as a flat panel television for on the go classroom sessions and storm tracking.   
Ron will also provide one-on-one post processing instruction throughout the trip.

Exploration Days

If mother nature takes a breather, so do we.  If this happens, we'll stop at sites like Mt. Rushmore, Badlands National Park, Devils Tower, Pyramid Rocks, Palo Duro Canyon, the Cadillac Ranch, The Big Texan, Chimney Rock, local National Weather Service offices, or take a personal guided tour of the Lisius Farm in Nebraska.  And on these days, we eat delicious local Tornado Alley delicacies like chicken fried steak, some of the world's best BBQ and our legendary Tex-Mex cuisine. We make sure every day is a day of wonder!

Cancellations & Travel Insurance

Registrations help us to plan our itineraries and bring in extra professional assistance as required, thus request for refunds are only available up until December 31st, 2020.  Cancellations after this date cannot be honored.  


We recommend that participants obtain travel / trip cancellation insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances that require the cancellation of the workshop or your participation in the workshop.   

All canceled reservations are subject to a 3% transaction fee imposed by Paypal.   We have no control over this fee that Paypal charges on refunds.