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Alumni 8-Night, 7-Day Storm Chasing Adventure

Alumni 8-Night, 7-Day Storm Chasing Adventure

This 8-night, 7-day storm chasing adventure was put together for timelapse photographers who would like to learn to and be in position to capture mesa cyclones, forming thunder heads, and possibly tornadoes from a safe distance.     Storm chasing trips are designed to keep their participants just ahead of the rain core of the storm.  This puts you close enough to feel the energy, yet far enough away to keep you safe.     What makes this difficult for photographers, especially those wanting to captuer timelapse is that by the time you get your tripod and camera set up - the rain starts and it's time to jump back in the van.


This custom designed storm chasing adventure is for photographers and timelapse photographers looking to capture the development and movement of severe storms and to view and capture possible tornadoes as they move across the landscape.  


The first day of the workshop will include a meet & greet followed by a camera and post processing classroom session.  You'll learn shooting and set up techniques to help you capture smooth timelapses and high quality photographs of severe weather and tornadoes.  In class we'll discuss battery, memory, and intervalometer do's and dont's, lens selection, and intervalometer settings.   We'll discuss the benefits of using video mode of your camera at times and the normal still image with intervalometer set up at other times.  

You'll will see parts of this country you have never seen before, and will walk away with an incredible appreciation for meteorology, storm chasing, and the photographers that capture these images - of which you will be one of them.

This is our 2nd year running this adventure, and last year's Alumni trip was an incredible success.   Not only did we get to capture stunning lightning displays, amazing stom development and cloud movement, but also 4 tornadoes that we got to see and capture while in western Iowa.     Only 6 Alumni spots, so don't wait on this.

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    This 8-night, 7-day storm chasing adventure tour was put together for photographers & timelapse photographers who are looking to capture once in a lifetime footage.  

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