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7-Day Storm Lapse Workshop Adventure

7-Day Storm Lapse Workshop Adventure

This 7-day storm chasing adventure is for photographers and timelapse photographers looking to capture the development and movement of severe storms and to view and capture the amazing light, rotation, lightning and possible tornadoes as they move across the landscape.  


The first everning of the workshop will include a meet & greet followed by a capture and post processing classroom session.  You'll learn shooting and capture techniques to help you come away with professional quality timelapses and images.  In class we'll discuss capturing photographs, timelapses and video of storms, and the advantages of each.

This is our 6th year running this adventure, and there are only 6 spots, so register today!

  • Details

    This 7-night, 7-day storm chasing adventure tour was put together for photographers & timelapse photographers who are looking to capture once in a lifetime footage.  

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