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Combining Adventure with Immersive & Creative Learning Experiences

Join the New England
Night Sky Photography Group

The New England Night Sky Photography Group was created to help put photographers in the right place at the right time to capture the best of what mother nature has to offer.    It also provides safety in numbers, as shooting alone in the dark is never a good idea.  

This group will have scheduled shoots throughout the year that include moon rises and moon sets over landmark locations - some in the afternoon and evening, and others in the early morning hours before sunrise.   We'll have scheduled shoots for meteor showers, milky way traverses and last minute outings to get out and capture the Northern Lights (aka. Aurora Borealis).  

Throughout the year we will offer schedule classroom instruction on post processing, shooting, lighting, and scouting.  

You can choose between becoming a free member or a paid member.  Free members have access to information and registration for our next shoot, while paid membership gives you access to our calendar of events of at least 30 days in advance, as well as substantial discounts on all events.  

  • Best Value

    Paid Membership

    Valid for 12 months
    • Get early access to all posted shoots
    • Save $50 on your first shoot
    • Get your 4th shoot FREE
    • Private Discounts on Destination Workshops
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