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Combining Adventure with Immersive & Creative Learning Experiences


Ron Risman,  Instructor

"Love Letter to the Night Sky"

This is Ron's second love letter film.   The first, a love letter to Moab, was seen by over a million viewers.  It was released in 2015.   Now 3 years later Ron's latest film A Love Letter to the Night Sky looks to share the beauty of all the areas of the country that continue to promote and offer truly dark skies - where anyone can go, look up, and see a sky filled with stars, planets, and our Milky Way galaxy.   Whether capturing stills images of the night sky or astro timelapse sequences Ron is there to help you learn the skills needed to capture breathtaking images of the night sky while using how to light your foregrounds.


Ron Risman has been a photographer for over 25 years, and cinematographer and astrophotography and time-lapse specialist since 2008. As a photographer and timelapse specialist Ron quickly fell in love with night photography and finding new and creative ways to capture the night sky.    "Standing under the dark skies of Moab was a life changing experience for me and I knew that someday I'd be leading workshops out here" says Risman.   "To be able to capture timelapses and photographs of the night sky, and to share that experience with others is what drives me."


Ron has been commissioned to shoot time-lapses for corporations such as Land Rover, Liberty Mutual, iITTQ Japan, and Restoration Hardware;  news organizations such as FOX CT News and WFTV-9 Orlando, and some of his work recently appeared in an HBO Film "The Crash Reel" which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and in the Land Rover / Time short film "Bridges to the Stars."

Ron has been the recipient of two WEVA Creative Excellence Award for his commercial cinematography and he is also the founder and editor of, a popular online destination for photographers & cinematographers since 2004.

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