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"The Ultimate Motion Control Playground"



We recommend that participants obtain travel / trip cancellation insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances that require the cancellation of the workshop or your participation in the workshop.   Please refer to our terms & conditions.


ONLY  $399

Timelapse Workshops Presents

Dark-Sky Motion Control Timelapse and Video Shootout with Hands-on Instruction at Nelson Ghost Town

with Timelapse Specialist Ron Risman


Location:  Nelson, NV (SE of Las Vegas)

Date:  April 21, 2017

Time:  5 pm - 1:00 a.m.

Registration: $399


What you'll learn

  • The emotion of camera motion

  • Creating depth with parallax

  • Take the viewer on a journey

  • Motion control hands-on demo's

Go hands on with motion control gear from Dynamic Perception, eMotimo, Kessler Crane, and Timelapse Plus - including the DP Stage One, eMotimo Spectrum and Fz focus / zoom controller, Kessler TL System with Second Shooter Plus, and the new Timelapse+ VIEW motion controller and exposure ramper.

ONLY  $399

Registration Closes Soon


Join timelapse specialist and award winning cinematographer Ron Risman for an incredible night of motion control timelapse and video at Nelson Ghost Town, located in Nelson, NV - a dark-sky area 45-minutes south of Las Vegas, NV.   This night-sky motion-control shootout is designed for cinematographers and photographers of all skill levels who want the unique experience of capturing the incredible magic of this old western gold rush town while learning to capture the night-sky and Milky Way in the background. 


Bring your motion control timelapse gear!

This shoot combines on-location instruction and shooting, with an emphasis on capturing and creating motion control timelapses unlike any you have ever captured.  You'll learn how to get pin-sharp focus at night, how to best set up your camera for night photography, and how to best compose your shot with motion control to create dynamic timelapses.



Nelson Ghost Town is a rare location that provides a production qualtiy old-town "set" without trees that would normally block out the night sky.   These are endless amount of shots here that would be nearly impossible to capture anywhere else.  Example: Set up your camera to start inside a truck, slowly moving out the window of the truck to reveal the 'bigger picture' and the thousands of stars in the sky.    We'll use low-intensity lighting to bring out the details and color of this old forgotten town.



Located 45 minutes southeast of Las Vegas, Nelson Ghost Town - a town originally named Eldorado back in 1775 - offers a very unique timelapse experience.  Your timelapses will have the feel of the old west, complete with the grit, rust, and dust of old buildings, cars and vans, a general store, gas station, buses, signs, and even a crashed airplane.   When you first arrive you'll be overwhelmed with all there is to shoot, but will soon settle down to find perfect compositions everywhere you look.   We will use very low intensity lighting to light our foregrounds so that their exposure matches the luminance of the night sky.  This, along with the moving camera,  will allow you to create stunning compositions that will bring a completely new dimension and perspective to your timelapse footage.



Registration for this instructional shoot is $399 and includes all shooting fees and instruction.
Car pooling will be available for those that would like a ride to Nelson from Las Vegas. 



Timelapse Workshops has been authorized to shoot at the Nelson Ghost Town, and we will have exclusive group access to the area from 5pm - 1:00 a.m. We carry proper safety certifications and proper insurance for each workshop.  



The NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) conference starts on April 22nd.  This motion-control shoot is scheduled ahead of the conference for those who want to arrive a day early to take part of this exclusive timelapse / motion control workshop.

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