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Combining Adventure with Immersive & Creative Learning Experiences

Pre Planned Shoot Location

Many people don't realize that the moon rises and sets in different parts of the sky each day of the year.  This makes capturing the moon behind certain subjects more challenging since the moon might only align with that location once or twice a year.


For each workshop we will meet in a location that has been pre-scouted based on that day's moon rise or set.   We will meet an hour before the scheduled moon rise / set time to prepare our gear and talk about settings, focal length selection, and to provide assistance with your camera, intervalometer, manually focusing, etc.    After the shoot we will head to a local cafe where you'll learn scouting techniques to improve your photography.

$99 Includes pre-planned / pre-scouted shoot location, in-field instruction for photography and time lapse, and informal post-shoot instruction while we eat.



If clouds ruin or cancel the shoot,a full refund will be offered, or you can apply your registration to another shoot.

New England Moon Rise / Set

Photography Workshops

Creating a great photograph doesn't have to happen by chance.

These moon rise / set on-location photography workshops are designed to teach you how to capture the moon so that it is properly exposed and properly aligned with our foreground subject.  We will also be capturing the moon in such a way as to make it appear very large against our subject -  and during these workshops our subjects will often be iconic New England locations such as Lighthouses, City Skylines, and other landmark locations.

Locations are repeated throughout the year (when possible - based on the moon's location) as a way to help fight New England's finicky weather.  All workshops include a full money back weather guarantee.

Don't leave a great photograph to chance!

Gear and Clothing

What to Wear

Temperatures near the ocean are cold and often windy. Dress in layers including glove liners under a warm pair of mittens. Hot Hands glove warmers for both hands and toes. Thermals, shirts, pants, sweater, and warm winter jacket with hat and hood.


What Gear Do I Need?

Sturdy tripod. Any point & shoot, Mirrorless, or digital SLR camera with at least a 200mm zoom lens.(300-450mm preferred range). 16GB or larger memory card (formatted and ready to go), and a freshly charged battery and backup battery.

100% Weather Guarantee

100% refund if the shoot gets canceled due to clouds or if we can skunked at the shoot due to weather.   If this happens I will offer a rescheduled shoot at no charge or will refund your payment in full - the choice is yours.

Upcoming Events

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