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      Date / Time:

  • 4 Full Days & Nights

  • Starts: September 15th (10:00 a.m.)

  • End: September 19th (1:00 a.m.)

  • Advanced Motion Control with:
    Dynamic Perception, eMotimo, Miops, and Rhino Camera
    Motion Control Gear

Limited Space. Register Today

Learn the creative and technical side of Motion Control Timelapse Cinematography


Learn how to use the eMotimo Spectrum ST4

4-axis motion controller to create spectacular motion control time-lapses.  Learn to use its frame accurate repeatable capabilities to merge live action video with time-lapse.

Learn to use the eMotimo with a slider and focus system to create multi-axis moves with focus shifts.

rhino logo.png

Learn how to use the new Arc II 4-axis motion controller by Rhino Camera Gear as a standalone 2 or 3-axis controller or together with the Rhino slider to create 4-axis moves. 


The Dynamic Perception sliders are like the swiss army knife of motion control since they work well with not only their own products, like the Sapphire, but also with other products like the eMotimo Spectrum ST4.   Learn to use their Sapphire head with their Stage One expandable slider system.


The new Miops Capture360 is an ultra compact motion  pan head for capturing timelapse, panorama's, and real-time video.    This ultra compact pan head can stay attached to your tripod and is ready to go whenever you are.  

The Leader in Timelapse Instruction

Ron starting shooting time-lapse in 2008 and has been teaching time-lapse and leading workshops since 2012.  In the past 10 years, many techniques have changed as cameras and software has improved.    

Join time lapse specialist and educator, Ron Risman in Moab, Utah for 4-nights under the dark skies of Moab, Utah.  Learn night-sky photography & time lapse in one of the most inspiring locations and under some of the darkest skies. The workshop combines advanced classroom instruction with daily on-location shoots, and is open to photographers of all skill levels.


This is an intimate workshop with hands-on classroom and on location scouting, shooting & instruction. You will come away with extensive knowledge on how to compose, capture, and process night-sky photographs and time lapse films

North Window Milkyway.jpg

Incredibly Dark Skies

This workshop is scheduled around the dates of the new moon to ensure that we have the darkest skies.   Our workshops are kept small and intimate in order to maximize learning in class, and to allow us to provide personal instruction in the field.  

You do not have to have any prior motion-control experience, but having some timelapse experience would be very helpful when taking this workshop.


Hands-on Learning

  • Learn how to set up your intervalometer

  • Learn how to set up your motion control system

  • Learn to avoid flicker in your time-lapses

  • Learn multiple techniques to capture day to night "holy grail" time-lapses

  • Learn to plan & see your compositions ahead of time

  • Learn when NOT to use motion control movement in your shot

  • Learn new noise-reduction techniques for time lapse.

  • Learn to eliminate planes & satellites from your time-lapse

  • Learn to stack your images for improved night photography

  • Learn to combine images to create super long exposures without tracking

  • Learn to create one-of-a-kind stacked day time / sunset photographs

  • Learn when, why and the best techniques to light your foregrounds

  • Learn to use 1-axis, 2-axis, 3-axis, and 4-axis motion control 

  • Learn new planning techniques to nail your shot every time

  • Learn to professionally post-process your night-sky images

  • Learn a professional time-lapse post processing workflow

  • Learn where to find inexpensive music to license for your work

  • Learn to create star trail photographs and time-lapses

  • Learn my complete workflow from A to Z

  • Learn to put your time-lapses together to create a finished show reel

I'll have motion control systems from Dynamic Perception,
eMotimo, and Rhino Camera Gear 
on hand for you to see and compare.

In 2020 we continue to add new techniques

to our Masterclass series of Workshops

Learn to remove high-ISO noise, airplanes and even
satellites from both static and motion-control time-lapses.



Our workshop begins on September 10th at 10:00 a.m. with a meet & greet, followed by our first classroom session.  After our classroom session we'll break for an early dinner before heading out to shoot.  We'll carpool in no more than 4 vehicles to our evening's shoot location and will arrive well before sunset.  This will offer plenty of time for in-field instruction; to capture sunset; and to scout for a great night-sky composition. Our night shoots in the fall typically end between 12 a.m. and 1 a.m. depending on location, as well as the desire of the group.


Registration for this 4-Day & Night motion control workshop is $2195.  Space in very limited and early registration is highly recommended.


In these uncertain times, all new registrations are 100% refundable through June 30th.  If a cancellation after this date is required, due to no fault of your own (Restricted travel bans, lodging shut downs, etc.), a full refund will be given at the time of workshop cancellation.

If you are transferring a credit from a previously canceled workshop, and if this workshop needs to be canceled your credit will be applied to any future workshop in 2021. 

We highly recommend that participants obtain travel / trip cancellation insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances that require the cancellation of the workshop or your participation in the workshop.   Some credit cards offer trip cancellation and rental car insurance if you use the card to book the trip or the car.


The workshop is being held at the Gonzo Inn - in the heart of downtown Moab. The Gonzo Inn is one of best places to stay in all of Moab and is convenient to shops, restaurants, and dining.


We have rooms being held at the Gonzo Inn at a discounted rate. The rooms at the Gonzo Inn are spacious and the Vibe at the Gonzo Inn feels like Moab.

Once registered, you'll receive a welcome letter with information about reserving your room.

The Gonzo Inn                     

100 West 200 South

Moab, UT 84532

(435) 259-2515


Moab, Utah is located just 90 minutes from Grand Junction, CO or 4 hours from Salt Lake City.  You will find many more flight options and discounted rates when flying into Salt Lake.


Rugged Rentals in Salt Lake City offers very good deals on cars and 4WD vehicles, and we can highly recommend them for their very competitive prices and top notch customer service.  They are located at 2740 California Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84104


Timelapse Workshops is permitted by the National and State Parks where we conduct business. We carry permits and proper first aid certifications and insurance coverage for each workshop.


stairway to heaven 5 frame stack.jpg

Moab is not only home to Arches & Canyonlands National Park, it is also home to the stunning Dead Horse Point State Park and almost 2 million acres of breathtaking canyons, fins, and plateau's carved by the Colorado and Green Rivers.   Also nearby is Goblin Valley State Park, with landscapes that are truly out of this world.


Moab features breathtaking red-rock landscapes against the snow peaked La Sal Mountain range.   It is also home to some of the darkest skies in the world, and with the high desert climate (dry weather) the conditions for night-sky capture couldn't be better.   

A Remarkable Night Sky Experience

From Ron Risman

Our workshops are a place where you'll learn to capture and create breathtaking night sky photographs and time lapse films, while connecting to nature and to other photographers who share the same passion for astrophotography and time lapse. 

As a photographer and educator it is a honor to be able to put together a remarkable night-sky experience for photographers from all over the world, and to see them take what they've learned and continue capturing the night sky long after the workshop has ended.. Many of these photographers come back again and again in order to rekindle that connection with our night skies, and that in itself is success for me. 


Ron Risman
Timelapse Specialist

Professional Dark-Sky Photographer

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