6-Night Light & Shadow DSLR

Timelapse Photography Workshop

Timelapse Moab Advanced 6-Night Light & Shadow DSLR Timelapse & Motion Control TL Workshop
Open to all photographers & cinematographers

During this workshop we'll spend more time out in the field capturing day and night sky timelapses and will reserve classroom sessions for days where the conditions are not as favorable for timelapse.  

This workshop takes place just after the new moon.  This will give us a couple of nights of totally dark skies followed by four nights of a small waxing moon that will set in the west as the the Milky Way rises in the east.    The benefit to this moon phase is that the faint moonlight will help to illuminate the grand landscapes and canyons of Moab while still having really dark skies for capturing the milkyway and other celestial objects.

  • Learn timelapse & motion control timelapse photography

  • Learn advanced timelapse post processing techniques

  • Learn advanced day to night exposure ramping techniques

  • Learn how the new VIEW intervalometer will change the way you shoot

  • Learn to inexpensively illuminate your foregrounds

  • Learn how to affordably power your camera and other gear for all night shooting

  • Open to all photographers & cinematographers with some timelapse experience

Join timelapse specialist Ron Risman in Moab, Utah for this 6-Night Photography & Timelapse workshop.  This 6-night workshop tour will take you to parts of Moab, Utah very few people get a chance to experience.   Amazing arches, incredible canyons red rock spires, reflections from lakes in the La Sal Mountains, and so much more. You'll learn to capture and create breathtaking timelapses, star trails, and still images throughout this 6-Night journey.  



This is an incredible workshop that will mix it up with some classroom sessions, field trips, and a ton of shooting every day of the workshop. This workshop takes place just after the new moon.  The first night we will have super dark skies wih just a sliver of the moon (3.57% brightness) setting at 10:16pm.  Each subsequent night will provide a little bit more moonlight (9%, 16.3%, 25%, 34%, 44%) than the night before, which will help to illuminate the landscapes and canyons without having much effect over the brightness of the Milky Way, which rises in the opposite direction of the setting moon.   When shooting large landscapes that are hard to light on our own, having some moonlight to illuminate the textures of the canyons, and to create moving shadows across the landscape, helps to add interest and context to a scene.

Canyonlands National Park offers some of the darkest skies in the country and was named a gold-tier night sky park by the International Dark-Sky Association, an honor reserved for the darkest of dark skies and the most stunning of starscapes.


If you love the colors and open skies of the American Southwest you'll absolutely fall in love with Moab, Utah.   Moab is not only home to Arches & Canyonlands National Park, it is also home to Dead Horse Point State Park and almost 2 million acres of breathtaking canyons carved by the Colorado and Green Rivers. 


From red rock arches, spires, and mesas - to the snow capped La Sal Mountain Range - Moab has amazing vista's everywhere you look.  This is truly a photographer's paradise and we'll be taking you to the some of the best locations in and around Moab.