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Ron Risman, Time-Lapse Instructor

Ron Risman has been a photographer for over 30 years, and cinematographer and time-lapse specialist since 2008. As a photographer and timelapse specialist Ron quickly fell in love with night photography and finding new and creative ways to capture the night sky.    "Standing under the dark skies of Moab was a life changing experience for me and I knew that someday I'd be leading workshops out here" says Risman.   "To be able to capture timelapses and photographs of the night sky, and to share that experience with others is what drives me."


Ron has been commissioned to shoot time-lapses for corporations such as Land Rover, Liberty Mutual, iITTQ Japan, and Restoration Hardware;  news organizations such as FOX CT News and WFTV-9 Orlando, and some of his work recently appeared in the MIGHTY FIVE film that aired on KEUD in Salt Lake City.  Ron's work has also been part of the HBO Film "The Crash Reel" which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah in 2014 and in the Land Rover / Time short film "Bridges to the Stars" that was released in the fall of 2015. 

Ron has been the recipient of two WEVA Creative Excellence Award for his commercial cinematography and he is also the founder and editor of, a popular online destination for photographers & cinematographers since 2004.

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"Love Letter to Moab" by Ron Risman

Southern Utah has become a second home for Ron because of the area's beauty. Ron's timelapse film "Love Letter to Moab" released in late 2014 has been viewed almost 55k times thanks to the beauty of the area's landscape and Ron's ability to capture the emotion of what its like to spend time in the Moab area.  


Regardless of the type of timelapse you want to capture you will learn the skills and techniques to capture them during this workshop, including: day to night (holy grail), astro-lapses, drive / hyper lapses, HDR time-lapses, and star trail time-lapses.


This next timelapse film includes a wide variety of timelapse subjects, and is a good representation of all the different timelapses that you'll learn to shoot during the Timelapse Moab workshop.    Fast moving subjects such as city streets; slower moving subjects such as people walking or cloud movement; and very slow moving subjects such as the sun moving across the sky, a sunrise, or the planets and stars above - all require different settings to best capture these activities. You'll learn how to make the choice that best suits the look & feel you are after - and how to set your camera and intervalometer appropriately. 


Notice that some of the timelapses also show the camera moving through the scene.  This is achieved using motion-control dollies, and in this workshop you'll learn how to use motion control dollies and heads to help bring your timelapses to the next level. 

Capture Like a Pro

after the very first day!


While seeing what the instructor is capable of capturing is important, it is as important to see what the students are able to learn in a very short amount of time.  To the left are films that were captured by many of the students of our past workshops.     Many of these time lapse clips were captured after a day or two of instruction.


Each of these films have been viewed over 20,000 times each, which has given each student the opportunity to get his or her work in front of a wide audience.   The quality of their work is one of the reasons these workshop films have been enjoyed and shared by so many people and publications online.


"Dark Skies of Utah" was created from our two workshops this past May and June in Utah (2014), while the video to my left was captured during last October's workshop (2013).

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