Timelase Photography Workshop

MAY 10th -14th, 2018

4-Night Dark-Sky Timelapse Photography Workshop

This is THE workshop if you want to learn how to capture and create professional quality timelapses using your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera.    Each day will start out with class sessions on shooting and post processing.


Each afternoon and night you'll learn to capture the stars and Milky Way in motion as day turns into night.

  • Daily Classroom Sessions

  • Personal, hands-on instruction while in the field.

  • Learn to capture the night sky - in motion!

  • Learn Post Production Best Practices

  • Learn to Capture Day to Night "Holy Grail" Timelapses

  • Learn to Ramp Exposure and White Balance in Post

  • Learn how to control the look & feel of your timelapses

2018 Lake Powell

Photography & Timelapse Adventure Workshop

Our 2017 Lake Powell Photography & Timelapse Adventure was a big success, so we're bringing it back in 2018 with more kayaking, slot canyons, & amazing nights under the dark skies of Southern Utah.


This is unlike any workshop you have ever taken

and is open to photographers of all skill levels.

SEPT 30th - OCT 5th, 2018

  • 5-Days of capturing the beauty of Lake Powell while
    kayaking and boating into slot canyons

  • 4-Nights sleeping under while capturing the night sky

  • Kayaks and all Camping Gear Provided

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included 

  • Peronsal hands-on Iinstruction

  • Free Access to Ron's Post Processing Tutorials

Astro Photography and Timelapse

Kayak Adventure on Lake Powell

Timelase Photography Workshop