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  Date / Time:

  • May 11, 2021

  • Classroom Time: 7pm - 10pm

  • Location: Conference Room TBA

What to Bring:

Laptop, external hard drive. You may also prefer just to watch and takes notes during the class instead of working on your laptop. The choice is yours.

While processing in this class can be done on both Mac & PC, certain software being demonstrated is only available on Windows 10 or a Mac running Windows 10. 

Registered photographers will be provided a link to download a night-sky time lapse sequence prior to the workshop, so that we can work on the same files together in class.

Nightscaper 2021 virtual-F 48-hrs (1).jp

If you think our skies are busy with planes and satellites now, just wait!  Space X announced their plans to launch thousands of small satellites into low orbit.   Once of the lessons you'll learn in this workshop is how to eliminate planes and satellites from your time lapse sequences.  See below for more.

Airplanes & Satellites Removed
Original Time lapse

This exclusive 3 hour classroom session was specifically designed for attendees of the Nightscaper Conference who want to enhance their night sky time lapse post-processing techniques.

In this class you'll learn a complete post processing workflow for night-sky time lapses including fixing timelapses gone bad (dust spots, kicked tripod, battery died, headlamps moving through your sequence); how to create star-trail time lapses; learning which sliders in Lightroom cause sky pulsing and flickering; and a new technique that will allow you to virtually eliminate noise as well as planes and satellites from your dark-sky time lapses. 

Ron Risman: Films and Photography

Ron Risman has been a photographer for over 30 years, and cinematographer and time-lapse specialist since 2008. As a photographer and timelapse specialist Ron quickly fell in love with night photography, and finding new and creative ways to capture the night sky.    Ron has been commissioned to shoot time-lapses for corporations such as Land Rover, Liberty Mutual, Restoration Hardware, and IttQ Japan; news organizations such as FOX CT News and WFTV-9 Orlando; and his work has appeared in films such as the HBO's "The Crash Reel" which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, in the Land Rover short "Bridges to the Stars." and in a film about Utah's Might Five National Parks.

Ron is a commercial permit holder for the national and state parks where he leads workshops, and is certified in CPR / First Aid, and meets or exceeds all insurance requirements.    

2019 Day and Night-Sky Workshop Schedule

films featuring footage

by ron risman & workshop participants