April 20 - April 29, 2022

9-Day Tornado Alley Storm Chasing
Timelapse & Photography Workshop

Join us in 2022 for an exclusive 9-day Storm Chasing Timelapse & Photography Workshop.  This year​'s storm chasing workshop offers 8 shoot days, thus offering more opportunities to capture supercell thunderstorms, lightning, mesocyclones and tornado's.   And April is one of the best months to chase storms in Tornado Alley as the clash of air masses in the spring is the perfect recipe for severe storm development.   Hurry! Only 2 spots now available.

Needles Overlook Milkyway.jpg

  May 20 - 24, 2022  

4-Night Dark-Sky Timelapse
and Photography Workshop

If you have ever wanted to learn to capture breathtaking night-sky photographs and timelapses this workshop is for you.   Join us in Moab, Utah and celebrate our 10th anniversary with us during this 4-day / 4-night workshop under some of the darkest skies in the world.

Moab offers some of the most beautiful red rock landscape (Arches, Spires, Hoodoos, Cliffs, & Canyons).

  May 25 - 30, 2022  

5-Night Dark-Sky Advanced Photography and Motion-Control Timelapse Workshop


Open to photographers of all skill levels

In this advanced workshop you'll learn how to take your timelapses and night-sky images to the next level using motion-control sliders and heads, and learn the newest post processing techniques to bring your images and timelapes to another level.

Join us in 2022 for our 10th year of Workshops

Our photography workshops are open to photographers and cinematographers of all skill levels. We only host a handful of workshops each year in order to stay focused on the quality of the experience and education that we provide.   When you attend one of our workshops you'll have our instructor's undivided attention the entire trip, helping you learn advanced techniques from a combination of classroom sessions and on-location shoots.


When we're not leading workshops we spend much of our year planning our trips, fine-tuning our classroom sessions, and keeping up to date with new software and techniques in order to make sure you have the most incredible learning experience imaginable.