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Timelapse Workshop 2014 (Moab)

Workshop Footage from Participants


Timelapse Demo Film

by Ron Risman


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Learn to Capture Breathtaking Timelapses

Timelapse photography allows us to illustrate motion, patterns, or processes that often happens to slow

for the eye to see.  At our workshops you'll learn how to capture timelapses of any subject.  The

film below, on the right, takes you to ten states over a one-year period and illustrates a wide variety

of subjects from city traffic, cloud movement, sunrises & sunsets, milk way, moon, cars, wind turbines, & more.


The film on the left was captured during our last workshop.  What makes this film different is that the footage was mostly captured by photographers new to timelapse. The group had instruction over multiple days and were also given

access to motion control gear. This film is the result of their work after just a day or two of instruction.